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Who is that guy?

Who is that guy? Oh, its Ted Raimi!

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Fortunately (as far as we know, anyway) Ted Raimi doesn’t suffer from the “my big brother is more successful than me, so I hate him” complex. No … instead, Ted has made quite a career for himself riding on Sam Raimi’s success. Not in a mooching sort of way, but the two brothers work together … a lot! Thank goodness, because he’s one of the most fun character actors around.

Ted Raimi’s career began in his brother’s films (imagine that?). Ted gave an Earth-shattering performance as the Fake Shemp undead monster in The Evil Dead (1981). After that, he stunned us with his portrayal of a waiter in Crimewave (1985). He returned to the cabin in the woods as the Possessed Henrietta in Evil Dead II (1987). Can you guess … these were all Sam Raimi films. [I REALLY hope this wasn’t breaking news to too many of our readers.]

Backtracking a bit, Ted appeared as Chain Man in long-time friend of the Raimi’s Josh Becker’s Stryker’s War (1985), also known as Thou Shall Not Kill … Except. This film, unfortunately, is also affectionately known as “that movie is incredibly freakin’ hard to find, damnit!!!” Jumping forward again [reminds me of those antiques called the VCR], Ted landed a part as Pac Man in Wes Craven’s Schocker (1989). Hey, whaddya’ know … Ted returns to working with his bro as Rick in Darkman (1990). If you’re starting to see a trend towards a tight-knit group of cool geeks making movies, you’re right on … Ted next starred as Hank Stone in Josh Becker’s Lunatics: A Love Story (1991).

You may be asking … “did he do anything big?” Fine, he appears as a CIA Technician in Patriot Games (1992), followed by the role of Billy in Candyman (1992) and as three different characters in Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness (1992). Nineteen hundred and ninety-two was a busy year for Mr. Raimi, in deed. In 1993, Ted would appear in Maniac Cop 3, Born Yesterday and Hard Target, before again assisting Jack Ryan as a Satellite Analyst in Clear and Present Danger (1994).

Ted gets to play with the big boys as Hoffman in the Spider-Man trilogy. He plays Alex in The Grudge (2004). When another long-time friend known as Bruce Campbell decided to direct his first film, The Man with the Screaming Brain (2005), Ted was in it as Pavel. When Bruce decided to direct his second film, Ted once again came through as Wing in My Name is Bruce (2007). Ted also played Peter Savorino in the Adam Sandler drama Reign Over Me (2007).

Other notable appearances include: Stuart Saves His Family (1995), Wishmaster (1997), For Love of the Game (1999)

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