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R. G. Armstrong – Character Actor Dead at 95

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I know what you’re thinking: “Woah, that dude was still alive?”

Yeah, I assumed he had died long ago too, but what a career. A Sam Peckinpah regular, R. G. Armstrong had a familiar, grizzled face and appeared in tons of TV shows, westerns, action films, and quite a few horror roles beginning in the mid-1950s. I especially liked his creepy Sheriff (he played a lot of those) in RACE WITH THE DEVIL and his psychotic gym owner who threw barbells at Jeff Bridges in STAY HUNGRY. Peckinpah cast him in MAJOR DUNDEE, RIDE THE HIDE COUNTRY, BATTLE OF CABLE HOGUE, and PAT GARRET AND BILLY THE KID. Some of his other horror credits include DEVIL DOG HOUND FROM HELL, THE CAR, THE BEAST WITHIN, PREDATOR, and CHILDREN OF THE CORN. The last thing I recall seeing him in was as Pruneface in Warren Beatty’s DICK TRACY back in 1990 but he continued to work in television up until 2001. R. G. Armstrong was a dependable actor whose welcome presence livened up many great films throughout a long career. A one-time acting student of Lee Strasberg, and the holder of a master’s degree in English, Armstrong was 95.