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RON JEREMY’S Salute To Beach Movies

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Ron Jeremy, infamously known for unlimbering his timber in over 1,700 adult movies, keeps his money maker dry docked in the new release, “Beaches, Buns and Bikinis.” This festive, quirky, risqué and fun film is an environmental comedy that is an offbeat salute to the beach movies of the 1960’s.

This epic tale about love, hot dogs, sand, and a little magic is set in an industrial seaside town. Surfside music and carefree dancing emanate as CRAB SHACK SAMMIE (Ron Jeremy), a wise mystical beach sage and owner of the coolest hotdog stand on the sand begins his day. However, when the music stops and chaos begins, he knows what it will take to get magic back on the beach.

Opening a treasure from the past, he asks one of his employees (Adrian Jordan) to wear a beachin’ good luck charm, a magical hot dog suit whose presence will bring love and posterity to the beach.  Then peace is again in turmoil when an unknown thief steals the suit, and their sandy universe is no longer, as they know it.  As one of the effected beachside residents, CASPAR (Doug McAbee), discovers he has lost his one true love, RUBY (Aneela Qureshi), to his nemesis LITTLE BIG MIKE (Ty Smith.)  Upon realization of the suits powers, Caspar knows he must act quickly to recover the hotdog suit so good fortune will return to the beach and get his girl back.

Jeremy commented on the film, “I think it is very quirky, a very unusual storyline.  I haven’t seen this kind of storyline before, it is what usually seems to sell well today, something much more creative, something out of the ordinary. “

The large cast, including actors from the Houston and Dallas areas, features Dan Perrin as Bruno, stage and film talent Doug McAbee as Caspar, and Aneela Qureshi as Ruby.  Award-winning film makers, Matt Jenkins and Charles Stanley direct.  Primary locations include beautiful Baytown, Texas.The movie also features the song,”The Whole World’s Gone Crazy” written and performed by red dirt musician Brandon Jenkins. Current film festival plans include entering into SXSW and Worldfest Houston as producers determine distribution.

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