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Are you sitting down? You need to be… because this geek is going to take you on a magic journey into an utter nerd world!

‘The Dungeon Masters’ follows three people who have devoted a big chunk of their lives to the game Dungeons and Dragons. They are all Dungeon Masters, which means that they control the game in their individual gaming circles. Richard is a sanitation worker by day, devious master who likes to kill off his players by night. Scott is in the middle of writing a book, while also filming a cable access show. Both of his projects have to do with the same type of entertainment as D&D. Elizabeth doesn’t start out with a job, and her life is a bit rocky after Hurricane Katrina, but she still finds joy in life by dressing like a black elf. She has her own formula for the paint and everything.

Let’s just get this out of the way… Richard is a highly unlikable character. I don’t know if it is just how they portrayed him, but I would never want to be in the same room as the guy that they portrayed! He is smug, mean, and extremely egotistical. He sees the game as HIS and anyone that plays in his group is lucky to be there. If he doesn’t like the way the conversation is going, or if you make him mad he will kill off your character, even though you might have worked on building it for years.Despite being completely annoyed by him, I was also entertained. He gave me a reason to be drawn into the film. Can I also point out that he is both a converted Jew AND a nudist? He is a man of many trades!

Scott seems to be so wrapped up in all his fantasy stuff that he seems not to notice that his wife is carrying him and his family. Again, it could be portrayal, but she does all the work and he works on a cable access show with ninja fights. (Wait, I can’t remember how that is bad… That actually sounds pretty cool). Still, he seems to expect to make a living off of the fantasy world that he loves, but when that doesn’t happen, he seems to become more bleak.

Elizabeth has a hard time finding work, as well as love. She seems to go from living in a hotel to moving in with her boyfriend. They just don’t seem to have any sort of a spark though. She confides that her mother is worried that she will let her fantasy life and role playing consume her, and she might actually be right. Elizabeth, although the most sane out of the three dungeon masters, still seems to be slightly delusional. Plus, although I am a total fan of make-up and costumes, her bedding needs a break! Take a look at her gross pillow that is stained with her black make-up!

The biggest trend in the film is that Richard, Scott and Elizabeth do not seem to find pleasure in the game like they once did. It doesn’t seem to meet their needs anymore. They are all coping with it in different ways, or not at all… Their journey is actually quite fascinating to watch!

Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Nerdy, snarky horror lover with a campy undertone. Goonies never say die.