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WAMG Exclusive: Dan Fogler Talks New Film & Graphic Novel

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Recently, I posted an interview with Dan Fogler (Fanboys, Balls of Fury) about his webseries M’LARKY. The first season just ended (Watch HERE) so I thought I’d post some of the other cool stuff Dan mentioned during our interview.

In the video below, Dan breaks the news about his new film DON PEYOTE. This is his second feature as a writer/director but unlike HYSTERICAL PSYCHO Dan also stars in this one. After the interview, I got to see some footage from the film and it is going to surprise you. This is a very different role for Dan and his comparison to Woody Allen is spot on. The film also has some rather surprising cameos by Jay Baruchel and Anne Hathaway. They are still deep in production on this but I have no doubt that this is going to be one very interesting flick.

Dan also gave us a quick update on the status of HYSTERICAL PSYCHO. I’ve seen the film a few times now and it really is a fantastic EVIL DEAD style horror comedy. The film will hopefully be coming out this October, along with a graphic novel based on the film’s main location. Here’s a quick video of what Dan had to say about the film and the MOON LAKE graphic novel.

And here are two pages of artwork from it: (Warning: The second image is VERY GRAPHIC)



I think the artwork is incredible; how about you? Which of Dan’s upcoming projects are you most excited about?

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