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Favreau Following IRON MAN 2 with a 3-D COWBOYS AND ALIENS?

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…and other spaceship-y noises that could be coming straight at us in 3-D.   What’s more, we could be seeing the Jon Favreau-directed adaptation of COWBOYS AND ALIENS earlier than expected.   In an article about the 3-D life after AVATAR, The Daily Beast goes over the potential success and risky trappings studios have to weigh on the 3-D agenda.   Buried deep within the article is this little section:

The Avatar factor could make the difference on Cowboys and Aliens, a DreamWorks project to be directed by Jon Favreau that starts shooting in July.

Evidently, the film, to star Robert Downey Jr. as an Old West settler who takes on violent beings from space, is going to get the 3-D treatment, as well.   This is just one more instance of a studio behind a big budget film wanting to capitalize on something someone else proved is successful.   It’s reactive film making, but, fortunately, it’s not at its worst.   That comes when people behind a film decide after the film has already been shot to spruce up the visuals with a caked on 3-D layer.   At least, with the case of COWBOYS AND ALIENS, they are planning the 3-D element before shooting commences.

The film is set for release sometime in 2011.   Thanks to /Film for leading the way.