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SIN NOMBRE Helmer Stepping to JANE EYRE

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The director behind SIN NOMBRE, Cary Fukunaga, is in final negotiations with UK’s Ruby Films to helm a new adaptation of JANE EYRE.  More than interest in the story (EYRE has been adapted countless times before including a TV adaptation for BBC in 2006) is the idea that Fukunaga, whose SIN NOMBRE tore up audiences around the world on this year’s festival circuit, is an up-and-coming director who is quickly making a name for himself.

Moira Buffini, who adapted the graphic novel TAMARA DREW for director Stephen Frears, is behind the script.  According to the article on Variety, the new film will play up the gothic elements about a governess who falls for a man with a dark secret.

Ellen Page was attached to star in the adaptation, but she left the project some time ago.  The producers behind the film are likely to begin casting so production can begin soon.


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