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Peter Berg Promises More Adventurous ‘Dune’

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It’s going to take a serious fall from grace for me to ever not be excited for a Peter Berg project now that we’re three seasons into “Friday Night Lights.”  Say what you will about the third act issues with ‘Hancock,’ the movie kept the entertainment level at an all-time high throughout, and Berg’s direction was never an issue.

So it makes me even more excited that Berg is still trucking through on his attempt at recreating Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ for the big screen.  SciFi Wire caught up with Berg, who had a few, interesting pieces of info about the upcoming project.

I think I had a much more different experience, I think, with the book than David Lynch did.  To me, I think my interpretation will feel significantly different from that and the [Syfy] Channel miniseries that aired. I have a different experience than both of those filmmakers did.

[The book] was much more muscular and adventurous, more violent and possibly even a little bit more fun.  I think those are all elements of my experience of the book that can be brought in without offending the die-hard fans of the Bene Gesserit and Kwisatz Haderach. There’s a more dynamic film to be made.

So, a more muscular, adventurous, violent, and all-around fun version of ‘Dune.’  That’s what’s in store for us when Berg’s vision finally comes to life on the big screen.  Here’s just hoping the film keeps the same level of style and visual effects that Lynch’s film had while holding true to the story a la the Sci-Fi Channel’s version.

Source: SciFi Wire