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New ‘Halloween II’ Pic

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The fine folks over at Shock Till You Drop got their mitts on this new pic from ‘Halloween II.’   It features Scout Taylor-Compton under the knife of one Mr. Michael Myers, played by Tyler Mane.

There have been pictures upon pictures coming out for ‘Halloween II.’   You could print them all out, flip them one right after another, and probably come up with some cohesive storyline.   So, thank for that Rob Zombie.   You’ve given away the entire film before it’s even gotten a release.

On an unrelated note, Zombie also spoke with MTV’s Movie Blog last week and basically said that he would never, NEVER make a ‘Halloween 3.’   You know what Sean Connery says about saying “never”?   Actually, I don’t think he says anything.   He just slaps people, both men and women, then plays a round of golf.

I digress.   ‘Halloween II’ is set for release on August 28th.

Source: Shock Till You Drop