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Welcome to V 3.0

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We have had our old layout for quite some time and I thought it was time for a change. Along with the new style layout we have also implemented some brand new features for all of you guys to enjoy. Here is a short list of them:

New Comments System:

We have installed a new comment system through Intense Debate that will allow you to receive emails when someone replies to your comment, plus you can register/use your other Intense Debate login to comment on our site as well. We want to get our community of readers more involved and this is our first step to reaching this goal.

Feedback button on side:

You will see there is a new feedback button on the side that scrolls with the site, the purpose of this is to allow suggestions, report errors, bugs or anything else you need help with . You post something there and we will get back to ASAP with a resolution. Need to find the name of a movie? Submit it there with all the details you can think of.

New Columns:

We are going to launch a new set of columns to help provide you with even more movie info from around the web, such as a Best of the Week column that highlights a bunch of stuff we find from around the web, movie related and sometimes not. We are also launching a DVD Column that will come out every tuesday to show you exactly what you need to be seeing/buying/avoiding.

Twitter Sidebar:

You can see our latest tweet from the sidebar now, so you will always know whats going on with the @moviegeeks twitter account.

Overall Thoughts on Reviews:

Sometimes we write really long reviews, which unless you have some time on your hands can take a while to read, but lets say you are in a hurry and need to know what we thought overall. Well at the bottom of each review we will have a little section that is highlighted in black which will give you the overall thoughts plus our rating.

We have also added a link that will take you to a page with just the name of the movie, and our overall thoughts to make seeing which ones we liked and didnt like that much easier.

I started this site back in christmas of 2007, and it is what you currently see today. I am 26, Married to the very beautiful Quinn, with 2 awesome kids..I am a super geek of the largest proportions.