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Sundance Review: ‘Worlds Greatest Dad’

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Originally, I wasn’t going to see this one at Sundance, I figured with Robin Williams it would see a wide release. After hearing about it being one of the sleeper hits at Sundance, I changed my mind and decided to see it on my final day here. After I read up on it and realized that Bobcat did this movie it was a must see on my list.

First let me tell you that as Bobcast said in his ‘Q&A’, this is a comedy made for adults. It is not marketed, or meant to be seen by teens. This movie is really dark, and has some pretty twisted humor but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing it because this is probably the best movie at Sundance this year. I honestly feel like I could quit seeing movies at this point because I just finished the best movie of the 2009 Sundance.

The story follows Lance Clayton (Robin Williams) who is an English teacher at his son’s school. Lance is attempting to revitalize things in his life, all the while trying to understand his 15 year old son Kyle (Daryl Sabara). Kyle is lashing out at everything in life, including his dad and having trouble fitting in. Lance is having an affair with another teacher at school and is insecure because she wants to keep it secret.

There is a MAJOR twist in the movie and things start to also change to Lance, but not in the way that he initially thought. I cant go too much into the plot without ruining the movie for you but what Bobcat has created here needs to be seen, better yet it MUST be seen. The story is passionate, emotional and even a little depressing.

When this movie gets bought, mark its release date on your calendar and if it doesn’t get bought it is a damn travesty. Robin Williams delivers is best performance in years and the entire cast pulls this movie off flawlessly. I recorded the Q&A and I will upload it later…

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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