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JANUARY 7-9th 2011

There was a lot of movement in the top ten films over the weekend with one significant accomplishment-TRUE GRIT lasso’ed itself into the number one spot bringing in $14,605,135 and horse kicked LITTLE FOCKERS into number two pulling in $13,487,245.

The surprise of the weekend was Relativity’s new release SEASON OF THE WITCH, starring Nicolas Cage, flying into the number three position with a decent showing of $10,612,375. It was released in 2,816 theaters with an average $3,769 per theater.

TRON: LEGACY was barely edged out of the spot, but only moved down to the number four slot.

Screen Gem’s COUNTRY STRONG strummed its way into number six by opening in 1,422 more theaters. Now with a 1,424 theater showing, it had the second highest per theater average of $5,145.

The number one highest grossing per theater average was THE KING’S SPEECH with $8,462 in 758 theaters. The unfortunate two movies finally making their journey out of the top ten were GULLIVER’S TRAVELS and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNINA:THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER.

The rest of the new releases for the weekend were in limited release, and none of them were even close to breaking the top ten. NO ONE KILLED JESSICA, a Bollywood film by director Raj Kumar Gupta raked in $227,473 in 48 theaters. PHIL OCHS:THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE, out of First Run studios and directed by Kenneth Bowser, made a mere $18,211 in one theater. An IFC release, THE TIME THAT REMAINS directed/starring/writer by Elia Suleiman, is a historic Israeli drama that was nominated for a Golden Palm at Cannes back in 2009. It brought in a simple $6,453 in the one theater it was released in. And the last of the new releases for the weekend is the Romanian film IF I WANT TO WHISTLE, I WHISTLE, directed by Florin Serban and released by Film Movement, was out in one theater and yielded $2,999.

Check out the changes in the top ten this week and see if you agree with the rest of the public. If not, read some of our reviews on the films and go see them. They are all movies worthy of a viewing, and some definitely before award season kicks off Sunday with the Golden Globes. Enjoy!

The Top 10

1.TRUE GRIT $14,605,135

2.LITTLE FOCKERS $13,487,245

3.SEASON OF THE WITCH $10,612,375

4.TRON:LEGACY $10,612,375

5.BLACK SWAN $8,113,011

6.COUNTRY STRONG $7,326,165

7.THE FIGHTER $7,001,504

8.YOGI BEAR $6,641,250

9.THE KING’S SPEECH $6,414,407

10.TANGLED $5,111,098

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