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French Horror Director Jean Rollin Dead at 72

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Okay, the titles CAGED VIRGINS, THE NUDE VAMPIRE, TWO ORPHAN VAMPIRES, and THE GRAPES OF DEATH might not be familiar to the casual movie fan, but followers of 70’s Eurosleaze are certainly familiar with the works of French horror director Jean Rollin who passed away yesterday at age 72. Many of Rollin’s films are available of the Redemption DVD label and without Rollin’s unique output, the history of the erotic vampire film would have huge gaps. Somewhere right now there’s a naked lesbian vampire weeping.

From the Fangoria Website:

FANGORIA has learned of the passing of beloved French erotic-horror filmmaker Jean Rollin. The director died last night, after a long illness. He was 72.Fans of European genre films, especially those coming out of the free-thinking 1970s, are no doubt aware of the work of Rollin—a talented, gentle poet of sensual horror, a man who made personal, lush and haunting works that were often ghettoized alongside the efforts of some of his more crass contemporaries and yet almost always offered something more, something richer and more melancholy.“Jean was surrounded by his friends,” Rollin’s son Serge tells Fango, “and was looking at the photos of his two granddaughters when he died.”With films like THE NUDE VAMPIRE, REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE, LIPS OF BLOOD, FASCINATION, THE LIVING DEAD GIRL and THE GRAPES OF DEATH, Rollin left behind a body of work as infatuated with spurting blood as it was enamored of the curves of the female form…..

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