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WAMG Exclusive: Fox Acquiring James Bond Distribution

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James Bond is finding a new home, and he’ll have Jedi and aliens to welcome him into the fold.  For the last few weeks, movie goers have been curious as to what is going to become of some of MGM’s more prominent franchises.  Over the last, couple of days, the company has entered into a forbearance agreement.  The agreement expires in the middle of December, and, for now, ‘The Hobbit’ is safe and sound where it is.  However, the company said nothing of the future of 007 adventures.

Well, fear not you shaken-not-stirred fanatics.  A source close to the dealings has let We Are Movie Geeks know that Bond is alive and well, and will be settling into his new domicile for marketing and distribution at 20th Century Fox.  That’s right, expect the official word to come out any day now, but it looks like ‘Bond 23’ is going to be running behind the Fox banner.

Sony, who acquired MGM in 2004, has run the last, two James Bond films, ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Quantum of Solace’ through their own, Sony Pictures distribution and marketing company.  Up until these, two films, Fox handled all home video and international marketing for MGM, so the transition to Fox for domestic releases for the Bond franchise from here on out should not be that difficult a move.

There is no word in what state this leaves ‘Bond 23,’ though, with MGM/Sony still backing the production side, this bit of news shouldn’t cause much if any kind of delay.  The film is still tentatively scheduled for release in 2011.