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Fantasy Cast: Who should be Buffy in the Reboot?

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With one relatively successful feature film and a hugely successful television series, not to mention a popular ‘Buffy’ comic book series that has also spawned similar comic book series and television shows for ‘Angel’, it’s no real surprise that the powers that be have announced it’s time for Buffy to make a triumphant return to the big screen.

Kristy Swanson was the original Buffy from the 1992 film, portraying the high school teenage blond that finds herself called upon to battle vampires. With all due respect, Swanson is simply too old to return to the role. The role was later picked up by Sarah Michelle Gellar during the long run of the television series. It seems unlikely, but not impossible, that Gellar will continue her tenure into the new film. Both the movie and the series were created by Joss Whedon.


With the recent news that the ‘Buffy’ franchise will be brought back to the big screen, it begs the question of which bodacious babe will be wielding the wooden stakes this time. Who would be the perfect actress for this role… beautiful, smart and able to vanquish countless blood-sucking monsters.

With the cat out of the bag, a few names have already started circulating as viable candidates to play the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer including Adrianne Pilacki, Laura Vandervoort, Holly Vallance, Elisha Cuthbert, Kristen Bell, Amanda Seyfried and Hayden Panettiere.


What are your thoughts around the casting of Buffy in a new movie? Do you have an actress in mind that would be perfect? Is the role open to any young, attractive blond or is there more to the character that requires more depth and range from an actress? Let us know who you’d like to see cast in the role by leaving your picks in the comments section.

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