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Fox to Present ‘World Without Us’

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Fox has acquired the rights to Alan Weisman’s nonfiction book ‘World Without Us.’Â   The plan is for Mark Protosevich (‘I Am Legend’ and ‘Thor’) to write the screenplay with Francis Lawrence (‘I Am Legend’) to direct.

The book is a “what-if” look at our world were humans to suddenly disappear.   The book explored how edifices and houses would deteriorate, how long and which man-made objects would linger and last, the environmental impact nuclear waste and other pollutants would have left unchecked and how nature would spread over built environments.

The film will not be a documentary, but a fictional feature film based on the science explored within the novel.   For example, we may see what causes man’s disappearance.

The plan is for Protosevich to tackle “Without Us” before working on Universal/DreamWorks’ “Old Boy” remake, which has Smith attached to star and Steven Spielberg attached to direct.

It’s interesting that the writer and director behind ‘I Am Legend’ are being groomed to take on this project.   Lawrence really captured New York City were it to suddenly be without any kind of human interference or upkeep.   I’m sure he, as well as Protosevich, will be able to capture the novel’s themes with great success.

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