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Super Early ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Review! Updated with Spoilers

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I got an email from someone claiming to have seen ‘Wolverine’ already, and I had my doubts but after reading this, I was convinced. Enjoy!

OK, so I’m not a movie reviewer, so forgive me if this is not as concise as a professional review might be. Having said that, I also don’t know how much of the plot and “ohhhh, holy shit!!!” moments you want to know, possibly spoiling it. But feel free to edit and take out anything you don’t want to have spoiled.

The movie itself looks amazing. Lots of cool sets and special effects, it’s edited very well, the pacing is perfect and the running time is right on. It actually leaves you wanting more, and really, isn’t that the “nirvana” that most action movies hope to arrive at for the audience?

The back story of Logan (aka Wolverine) is set up pretty good. It’s not too much and it explains Logan’s motivation from childhood. As a young boy, something terrible happens, his “mutant”power is revealed, and he and his brother must flee.

Fast forward to 1970-something Viet Nam. Logan and his brother Victor (aka Sabretooth) are soldiers and Victor has become an irrational bully who has no problem killing anyone that gets in his way. This leads to both of them being locked up in the brig for a very long time. Enter a higher up military officer (Stryker) who offers to get them out of there if they agree to join his special ops team. This elite team is made up of other mutants, all with various different, really cool “powers”.  Mission after mission goes by, with Victor really taking a liking to the violence and developing an appetite for killing. Logan, on the other hand, draws the line at being ordered to kill innocent people and decides to walk away. Off he goes to live a quiet life in the Canadian wilderness with his girlfriend/wife/whoever

Cut to various former members of the special ops team being killed. No reason is apparent. The former leader of the group (Stryker) finds Logan in his now lumberjack career and tells him about this. Logan says thanks for the warning but I can take care of myself. As he returns to his work, he senses something is not right and then notices bloody claw marks on a tree. He runs to find his girlfriend/wife/whoever lying dead with gashes across her throat. Victor has killed her. Now its personal and Logan flies into a rage. He finds Victor and a battle ensues. But they basically have the same “powers” so it’s impossible for one to beat the other. Victor flees and Logan agrees to let Stryker help him become more powerful, and therefore able to go kill Victor. Cut to the “lab” scene from the trailer, new steel blades ready to do some serious damage. I don’t want to give it away, but one of my favorite parts of the movie is when we find out where the name “Wolverine” comes from… oooh I just got goosebumps thinking about it haha. HUGE SPOILER: “the crazy mad scientist, Stryker, is kidnapping them all (mutants) and keeping them prisoners because he is takin their DNA to make a Super Mutant…one guy with ALL the powers…IT’S RYAN REYNOLD’S CHARACTER, Wade Wilson / Deadpool….its so creepy when you see him at the end!!”

This is where I will just say that the movie gets more awesome than it already is. The fight sequences are great, the story takes twists and turns, and the “holy shit!” moments make you want to cheer. I will see this movie again on opening weekend with a full audience of fans. It is THAT kind of movie. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

And one more thing…there are things after the stick around, for those of you who jump up right at the fade out.


I got another email from my source and he wants to add more stuff to this so that everyone knows he really has seen the movie. This DOES INCLUDE SPOILERS!

“for anyone doubting my review: (highlight the text below to read:)

Deadpool/Wade is part of the elite team that they, Logan and Victor,‚  joined and he’s kind of the comic relief. When they’re traveling on missions together, he never shuts up and everyone is always telling him to SHUT UP…a real know-it-all. He gets into it with Wolverine and Sabretooth and they almost come to blows‚   and he takes out his weapon ,a big silver sword, saber. Logan, who’s not yet called Woverine, diffuses the situation and calms everyone down-Victor and Wade. (This is so we establish what Wade’s weapon is for later on in the movie). Beak, (Dominic Monaghan) who uses electricity, is the first one TO DIE. Victor kills him
At the end of the movie, when Wolverine finds out that Stryker and the scientists have been taking out the DNA from the mutants, who they all now have in cages, he goes to free them all. The other member of the team, “Wraith” (played by Will.I.Am)‚  keeps telling him the mutants are‚  being held‚  captive‚  in the lab which is on‚  the island – but Wraith doesn’t know where this Island is…The only mutant to know is the one person who’s ever escaped – which is Gambit. Gambit then agrees to take Wolverine there and as they’re flying in Gambit’s plane….the wide shot reveals!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wolverine is also now indestructable because of all the modifications that Stryker made on him back when‚  Stryker convinced‚  Wolverine to go after Sabretooth – all because‚  S.T. killed Logan’s girlfriend.
When Wolverine shows up and starts kickin ass…the SuperMutant is not ready yet, but Stryker has no choice, he has to release him….and that’s when you figure out its Ryan Reynold’s character…Wade/Deadpool/SuperMutant. ITS ALL CRAZY…He has no hair, bald, his eyes are red and sunken in so he can shoot the fire outta his eyes….HE HAS EVERY MUTANT POWER…..AND….HIS MOUTH IS SEWN SHUT!!! Wolverine says, “Well Wade, looks like somebody finally shut you up” This is the reference back to the beginning when all the other mutants would tell Wade to shut up.
SO when Wolverine goes after him, SuperMutant/Deadpool/Wade’s trusty sword automatically comes outta his fist much like Wolverine’s blade. Now its a fight…..Deadpool has ALL the powers in this epic battle…he can disappear like The Wraith, he can shoot fire outta his eyes – pretty much indestructable. Wolverine is basically getting his ass kicked.
SO then, they’ve gone from inside the lab … and moved the fight to on top of the reactor. Deadpool is destroying everything…reactors, the everything is going down cuz he’s shooting everything with his eyes.‚  Then, Deadpool punches him so hard Wolverine goes over the side of the reactor and in a SPLIT second, a hand reaches down to save him….AND ITS SABRETOOTH….TO SAVE THE DAY……AND YELLS, “NOBODY KILLS YOU BUT ME, BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
(Sabretooth has been there the whole time, but wasn’t fighting – he was just rounding up all the mutants for Stryker). After he pulls him up to the roof, Sabretooth says to Wolverine “Back-to-back” and they position themselves back to back so they can have eyes on both sides. Since they’re both attacking Deadpool, Wolverine, with one swipe, cuts Deadpool’s head clean off. Sabretooth then turns and says, “You know this doesn’t mean we’re still not enemies” and takes off…
Then, Wolverine, has to go after Stryker and free the other mutants. But unbeknownst to Wolverine, Stryker has a magic bullet and as he’s loading the gun with it, the other scientists in the lab say, “you can’t kill Wolverine with that”. Stryker then says “Yeah I know, but if I shoot him in the head, it will erase his memory.” (Remember, Wolverine never knew where he came from).
So as Wolverine is helping to free the mutants, Stryker goes up to him and shoots him in the head….Wolverine drops to the floor as if dead. Stryker then takes off. Cut back to Wolverine fluttering his eyes open…HE”S NOT DEAD…… The military, the shitstorm‚  is coming after what they saw what was happening at Three-Mile-Island. Gambit runs over to tell Wolverine “WE GOTTA GO!!!” and Wolverine looks up and says, “Who are you?!?!?! Where the hell am I?!?!??!” Gambit says “I’m a gotta trust me….We have to get outta here”
A Dark forest…the escaped mutants are running for their lives…..and they all stop and you see the back of a bald head…and you hear‚  Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) voice only,‚  saying “You’re all safe…come with me”

I started this site back in christmas of 2007, and it is what you currently see today. I am 26, Married to the very beautiful Quinn, with 2 awesome kids..I am a super geek of the largest proportions.


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