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Riddler to be Villain in Next Batman Movie?

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Gary Oldman let everybody know that the Villain in the next movie will be Riddler!

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While conducting interviews with the cast of The Dark Knight this afternoon, I got a chance to chat with director Christopher Nolan and Gary Oldman about the proposed third segment of their supposed Batman trilogy… When asked if he thought they should recast Ledger for the third film, or just not include the character, Gary thought it was a good idea…

Oldman then took a moment to think about it some more, “Maybe we don’t need the Joker. Because we’ll have The Riddler.” Yes, Oldman alluded to the fact that The Riddler may in fact be the next on-screen Batman villain.

What of Two-Face you say? Maybe Harvey IS the central villain in the next film, but that doesn’t mean they won’t set up The Riddler as the headliner for a 4th film by giving him a part in the 3rd. Sounds logical.

I’m already excited for this as you can tell I am a fanboy of Batman, But who do think would be a good choice to play Riddler?

This will get some people but I think Daniel Day Lewis would be amazing as Riddler after we all witnessed his insane performances in ‘There Will Be Blood’ and ‘Gangs of New York’.

Yes that’s a fan made poster above, it looks cool though.


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